Water Removal / Restoration

Get professional help with Water Removal/Restoration

Six out of ten Americans own an animal, and chances are that most of them found themselves confronted with a urine odor problem at one time or another. Add potty-training toddlers to the mix and the odds of sooner or later encountering the sights and smells of excretions on carpeting increase even further.

If you have an emergency water situation in your home you need to try and cut off the source of the water if you can. If it’s safe to do so it’s also a good idea to turn off the circuit breakers that are supplying electricity to the affected area. You should never use a vacuum cleaner to try and clear up where there is water around; this presents the possibility of electrocution.

Leave the cleaning to the experts. Call Carpet Stretch as soon as you have made the area safe and we’ll arrange to come and help as soon as possible. We use specialist water removal machinery to get rid of the problem as soon as possible. We will also compete any necessary cleaning to get your home back to its original condition. Importantly we have the latest in technology to make sure that the area is dried out quickly and effectively. Contact Carpet Stretch for the expert water removal and drying that you need.