Carpet Cleaning in Mount Airy, Maryland

Mount Airy Carpet CleaningCarpet-Stretch as been servicing the Maryland, Virginia and Washington D.C. areas since 2006, however, we have been cleaning carpets, flooring and other services for over 15 years. As a leading family owned business and growing floor care specialist, we service Residential, Commercial, Realtors and Property Managers. Carpet/Flooring Cleaning is our specialty and we are experienced in all types of flooring, fibers and soiling conditions and flooding.

Brighten up your home with expert carpet cleaning, floor cleaning, and carpet repair.

You may hope it never happens but it’s so easy to get household water damage, all you need is a leaky pipe. If this happens to you it can be a stressful time. We can take some of the pressure away from you with our professional water removal techniques. Not only that but you can benefit as we remedy the damage that has been caused. Not remedying this sort of damage can be dangerous, as can a torn carpet.

Call us today and we’ll help with water damage as well as high quality carpet repair.